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BAPE Backpacks have always been essential for people belonging to all age groups and professions. We all need to carry a lot of things everywhere we go – be it books, food, equipment, clothing etc. The most organised way to manage these is by putting them in a backpack. BAPE  Backpacks are extremely useful as they distribute the load evenly on your shoulders without causing any strain. They are not only better for your physical health but also look stylish and are convenient to use. They have many zips and pockets for you to segregate your things. You can even slip in your wallets into the BAPE backpack to keep them safer!

A BATHING APE Store has a selection of hundreds of backpacks online for you. They are trendy, stylish, and here to fulfil your every possible need. We have BAPE  backpacks for men, women and even for kids! You can buy backpacks of your choice based on the material and purpose. So, here is a list of what we offer:

  1. BAPE  Leather backpack: Leather is one of the most refined looking materials. Leather backpacks look formal and elegant and yet serve their purpose. You can use them to carry lightweight things. If you want, you can even go with faux leather or a simple leather coating so that your bag is more resistant to rugged use.
  2. Waterproof BAPE backpack: Whether you are heading out on a rainy day or going hiking, BAPE backpacks will be your saviours. They are strong, sturdy and sleek. You don’t have to worry putting your books and valuables in these bags; they will stay completely dry. They are great for places with unpredictable weather or day-long treks where you may encounter water bodies.
  3. BAPE Travel backpack: Sometimes, you just prefer to travel light. So, it is far easier to dump everything in your backpack and avoid the lugging of heavy suitcases. Travel backpacks are slightly bigger in size and have loads of zips, pockets and internal chains for you to keep everything you need without making a mess. They are also more sturdy and resistant. The bag itself is light so that it reduces the strain. All you need to do is buckle up the belts for your journey!
  4. BAPE Laptop backpacks: Laptops are becoming a bare essential. You need a laptop to work and to keep up with your everyday life. Laptop backpacks have a section for you to keep your laptop and some more additional space to keep any papers, books, clothing you may need. It is far more convenient than carrying a handbag that would keep your hands occupied all the time.

BAPE A BATHING APE has all BAPE backpacks and more from type of bags like Skybags, Wildcraft, handbag, sportsbags and more. So, drop off your sling bags, handbags and suitcases; take the comfortable and fashionable alternative – BAPE backpacks – for all your needs. Shop online for BAPE backpacks on here and get great deals with assured quality!